Monthly Mead Club

Common price: $99.00 Our price: $99.00 each

This is the monthly Mead Club from Thorin! 

When you buy three bottles from us, and include shipping, it is about $90. Shipping is crazy expensive when you mail alcohol. We are charging $99 for three bottles, not charging for shipping, and we are throwing in some free gifts during the year. Also, you don't have to think about it... we just send you more delicious delicious mead like the happy little mead making goddesses we are. 

Membership is limited to only the states to which we can currently mail mead and cider. Those currently are:

  • Texas
  • Washington DC
  • Minnesota
  • Alaska
  • Florida
  • Louisiana

Benefits of membership:

  • No stupid membership cards. That's right, we won't even bother sharpening crayons to make it!
  • You get a bottle of Viking, Knightly, and Iron Age (yes, all three) automatically at your house every month! Wo0H0o!
  • You get special discounts on, and early access to purchase, special reserve bottles. (We are a small meadery - these really are special reserve in very limited quantities.)
  • You will receive free stuff! Examples:
    • Glasses, drinking horns, and other things to pour our delicious delicious drinks into!
    • Swanky bottle openers!
    • Clothing with logos!
    • Invitations to member's only events at the meadery!
    • And more stuff as we think about it! (We do a lot of thinking, this part is probably the most exciting!) 

Contact us with questions.