About Thorin's Meads

Thorin Stavinoha is the Mazer, Winemaker, and Brewmaster of Thorin's Viking Meads. Established in 2010, his meads, wines, and cider, are favorites among faire-goers throughout Central Texas and Lousania. Thorin's Meads, without a doubt, are the best in Texas.

Mead is an alcoholic beverage fermented from honey. A favorite of the Norse (Vikings), the recipes used by Thorin are from his family's oral tradition dating back to the year 600AD.
Thorin added cider to the lineup of beverages made by TVM. A delicious and refreshing drink by itself, but when mixed 60/40 (Cider/Mead) the result is a "Beesting."
The Company
Produced in Central Texas, the meads are the culmination of Thorin's obsession with renaissance festivals and the lifestyle of those who attend. Each batch of mead or cider are individually hand crafted and bottled by Thorin himself and his dedicated team of valkyries.
Our Pleasure
All products made by TVB are hand crafted and made with the upmost attention to detail. From our brews made for large fairs to the specialty casks and bottles made in exclusive small batches. Contact us about custom labels and even flavors for your event! “For the honor of my family, and the glory of my patrons.” - Thorin
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    It shouldn't be too hard to find Thorin and his clan at festivals all throughout Texas. But if you cannot make it to Texas, or one of our amazing fairs, you can have our product delivered right to your home in most states.

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