About Us
Meet our brewers and learn about our brands:

This is who we are

Thorin's Mead is a premiere meadery located near Austin Texas, in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Thorin's produces several varieties of mead, cider, and wines and distributes to retail outlets throughout Texas as well as servicing several of the large renaissance festivals.
The Viking behind the brew. His dream has spread across countless centuries, coming to fruition within the past ten years. Now instead of spending his time pillaging, he keeps his friends in a drunken haze of merriment and feast.

Thorin Stavinoha Brew Master

This worshiped goddess has blessed the viking with the knowledge of chemistry and law, allowing his brew to be incomparable to any other of its kind. All that set eyes upon this Valkyrie know that Valhalla is not far, and they drink their fill of the magic mead to go forth into honorable battle!

Marijke Stevens Goddess Valkyrie

This is what we make

A traditional Norse style mead with full body and flavor, made with a dark amber honey such as sunflower or mustard honey.

Viking Mead

Iron Aged Cider is a handcrafted artisan strong apple cider. Inspired by the Iron Age Clans of Avalon. The full-apple taste and crisp finish is amazing on its own, or you can pair it with either of our meads in a 60/40 combination to make a "Beesting." (Cider to Mead)

Iron Age Cider

A drier, lighter English style mead made with wildflower honey.

Knightly Mead